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Vegetarianism falls under plant-based diets and other types like Vegan, Pescatarian and Flexitarian. Practitioners of these vegetarianism don't consume meat and fish, although they may still eat dairy, eggs and honey. Vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy are specifically called Lacto-Ovo vegetarians.
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2 days ago · The Vegan Society defines veganism as a way of living which seeks to exclude – as far as practicable – all forms of exploitation or cruelty to animals.
6 days ago · Pescetarianism /ˌpɛskəˈtɛəriənɪzəm/ (sometimes spelled pescatarianism) is the practice of incorporating seafood into an otherwise vegetarian diet. ... in India up to 44% of Hindus self-identify as some type of vegetarian.
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2 days ago · When a cake is considered to be vegetarian, it is often prepared without the inclusion of eggs, dairy products, or both. A slice of vegetarian chocolate cake.
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