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An attack upon an opponent in order to discredit their arguement or opinion. · Whilst in an arguement, to avoid the point (thus a cop-out) and to insult the ...
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A cop out for a certain potty word meaning turd. "You ran out of laxatives? Shoit!" "Dog shoited on me :(". by pseudouwo July 28, 2021.
Pigging out. Verb · pig out. To continue eating in excess until one can't move or feels sick. · pig out · Overeat; indulge in gluttony. · Pig Out. Used to describe ...
A person who is not a Police Officer but believes himself/herself to be friendly with Police. Usually drunk and/or a douche bag stumbling form a bar.
The meaning of clutch. ... taking a day of rest to take a mental break, while labelling it as “load management” so other people don't think you're a cop out.
1: A code word for children planning to sneak out of their homes to meet. -“Wanna play outrun? ... could outrun flash is a metaphor meaning super fast.
Originated from an old Cop show called Hawaii Five-O. It aired from September 1968 ... "Hey you've got a five-o", meaning, "Hey the cops are watching you.
meaning not cool, cop car should be used when someone is unhappy with the current ... and/or literally "torching the shit" out of any viable evidence from ...
A bad ass mother fucker that doesn't cop out when the heats all about. ... A figurative saying meaning that someone is extremely good in the clutch and very ...
Occasionally also meaning in a snobbish or egotistical way. ... *pulls out a fresh Krispy Kreme donut and hands it to the cop* Cop: Thanks.