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COVID-19 Research Learnings - Unprecedented R&D for COVID-19

The pandemic opened a new era in vaccine development with all new technologies. Read more. New technology is heralding a new arsenal to fight lethal viruses in the future. See how. COVID-19 Activity Tracker. Track Industry's Progress.
New Research & Strategies - in Virology/Viral Immunology

Read Our New eBook for an Exploration of the latest Research and Technologies. to Expedite the Discovery and Development of New Vaccines against Viral Infections.
remove impurities from blood - remove viruses from blood

John Ellis Water removes Viruses, Toxins, Pathogens, and Bacteria from your bloodstream. We know at John Ellis Water our machines were sent to Africa to help with the Ebola crisis. Made in USA. 13 International Patents. 332 FDA Studies.