TruTV Top Funniest


Moments of Regret

TruTV Top Funniest: Season 2, Episode 7
Includes someone climbing a lamppost and promptly falling back off it, a man narrowly avoiding death when a car skids on ice and someone who decided to make a shopping trolley into a sledge, with interesting results.
Air date: June 10, 2014
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Top Funniest scours the intertubes to bring the most hilarious clips, viral videos, and vines right to your living room! Get ready to LOL as we go from funny, funnier to funniest with each episode's Money Clip! ... Available episodes. truTV Top ... Watch what happens when two guys pull ten thousand dollars out of people's hair!
TruTV's Top Funniest brings you the greatest gaffes and best blunders! Bust a move with some hilarious dance breaks! Watch celebrity look-alikes run amok on ...
truTV Top Funniest is a fast-paced caught-on-tape/hidden camera countdown show on truTV ... Mocean Melvin was the show's narrator for the first two seasons. He was then replaced by ... 55, 17, "Pranks and Funny Fails", July 7, 2015, 317. Episodes Season 1 (2013) Season 2 (2014) Season 3 (2015)
Rating (135)
With Mocean Melvin, Charlie Schlatter, Jerome Bartlett, Jeremi Lorenti. A collection of viral videos from the internet, clips, and pranks.
Missing: 2 7
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An escalator mishap; a beach comber gets a saltwater surprise; a phone tower worker versus a hawk. Where to Watch. Episode 7. Moments of Regret.
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