We're Going to Italy

That's Amore! episode (season 1, episode 6)
Domenico takes the final two to Italy, then makes his decision.
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That's Amore: Directed by Lynn Hegarty. With Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo, Craig Hall. Anna and Gino's romance continues to blossom as...
After narrowing it down from 15 girls to two American beauties, Domenico decides to take Kim and Megan to Italy to meet his family.
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Apr 6, 2008 Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, We're Going To Italy!, Domenico takes the final to girls, Megan ...
Posted: Apr 6, 2008
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Apr 8, 2000 Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, That's Amore, JImmy, Lucky and Sonny's sister Dede are ...
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Episodes (6) ... After having his heart broken by Tila Tequila, the Speedo clad Italian wonder, Domenico, has his chance to find his true American amore.
... 2008); Ep. 1 Love is in the Hair (originally aired March 2, 2008) ... Ep. 5 Go Kart 4 My Heart (originally aired March 30, 2008); Ep. 6...

No. of episodes: 6 (7 counting specials)
Original network: MTV
No. of seasons: 1
In the season finale, Domenico takes Kim and Megan to Italy to meet his family, then chooses a winner. Where to Watch. That's Amore!, Season 1 Episode 6 image.
Watch That's Amore! Season 1 Episode 6 - We're Going to Italy. Kim and Megan head to Italy to meet Domenico's parents, and then a winner is chosen.
That's Amore: Anna and Gino's romance grows deeper at the same time as James and Olivia's marriage reaches a breaking point. ... Series 1: Episode 6...
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