Chris Brown & K. Michelle

Punk'd: Episode 1
Chris Brown to guest star in an accomplice's music video when a little unexpected visitor appears who has lost her way and her mommy. K Michelle finds herself too involved in her driver's relationships.
Show: Punk'd
Air date: August 18, 2015
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Season 1: 2003[edit]. No. in series, No. in season, Original air date. 1, 1, March 17, 2003. Series overview Episodes Season 1: 2003 Season 4: 2005 No. in series: No. in season
Rating (152)
Episodes (9) 1. My Assistant, Repossessed, VH1 Big in 2002 Awards 2. Shopping Spree, Crib Crashers, He Got Game 3. Naked Shopper, Wilmer's Car, ...
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Punk'd: With Chance the Rapper, Matt Wheeler, Mary Beth Barone, Monika Smith . Chance the Rapper pulls ... Browse episodes. TopTop-rated 1 ... I think I've only ever heard of 2 of the people that got punk'd during Season 1. But, they're all ...
Rating (7,818)
Punk'd Episodes148 Videos1 Photos99 Top cast More like this Storyline Did you know User reviews46.
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Rating (16)
Season 1. Punk'd. Critics Consensus. The spirit is there, but truncated episodes eliminate the necessary tension and make Punk'd feel a little played.