Arrested Development


A New Attitude

Arrested Development episode (season 4, episode 11)
Gob accepts a job from his brother but is distracted by a scheme of his own.
Air date: May 26, 2013
Rating (1,501)
Jason Bateman in Arrested Development (2003) ... I JUST NOW REALIZED THERES 2 versions the Netflix version of season 4 is horse manure. helpful•0.
Gob accepts a job from his brother but is distracted by a scheme of his own. Air Date: May 26, 2013
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The fourth season of the television comedy series Arrested Development premiered on Netflix on May 26, 2013 and consists of 15 episodes. Production · Marketing and promotion · Episodes · Reception
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... Attitude" is the eleventh episode of Arrested Development's fourth season. ... of season 4, footage from A New Attitude is used in 9 different episodes.
Production worked differently than on previous seasons because they did not have exclusive access to the entire cast, so all episodes were ...
Arrested Development: Season 5 Part 2 (Trailer). Arrested Development: Season 2 ... Arrested Development: Season 4 (Trailer) ... Episode 11 of Season 1. NEW ...Duration: 1:32
Posted: May 26, 2013
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