Shall We Dance

1937 ‧ Musical/Comedy ‧ 1h 56m
7.5/10 · IMDb 89% · Rotten Tomatoes
Peter P. Peters (Fred Astaire) is an American ballet dancer working in Paris. After happening across a photograph of tap-dance sensation Linda Keene (Ginger Rogers), Peters falls instantly in love and, using his connections, arranges for a...
Release date: May 7, 1937 (USA)
Director: Mark Sandrich
Music by: George Gershwin (music); Ira Gershwin (lyrics)
Produced by: Pandro S. Berman

Rating (6,710)
Shall We Dance (1937) ... A ballet dancer and a showgirl fake a marriage for publicity purposes, then fall in love. Added to Watchlist.
Shall We Dance, released in 1937, is the seventh of the ten Astaire-Rogers musical comedy films. The idea for the film originated in the studio's desire to exploit ... Music · Production · Reception · Preservation status Production company: RKO Radio Pictures Story by: Lee Loeb; Harold Buchman Box office: $2,168,000 Budget: $991,000
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Fred Astaire--Ginger Rogers musicals, Shall We Dance casts Astaire as a world- renowned ballet dancer and Rogers as a musical comedy headliner. Rogers' ... Release Date (Streaming): Nov 21, 2016
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Cast & Crew · Mark Sandrich · Fred Astaire · Ginger Rogers · Edward Everett Horton · Eric Blore · Jerome Cowan.
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A ballet dancer and a showgirl fake their marriage for publicity purposes before falling in love for real in this delightful musical comedy starring Fred Astaire and ...
Shall We Dance ... Released in May 1937 by RKO. Music and lyrics by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin. Screenplay by Allan Scott and Ernest Pagano. Directed ...
Jan 8, 2013 · Shall We Dance is a musical comedy about a famous ballet dancer that falls in love with a famous tap dancer inspiring him to dance in a ...