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Prank Encounters is an American horror-themed hidden camera streaming television series. It is a prank show recorded with hidden cameras. Each episode pairs two members of the public, strangers to one another, who are unwittingly introduced to each other by show actors, under the ruse of a tryout for a new job. Episodes · Reception No. of seasons: 2 No. of episodes: 15 (list of episodes) Original release: October 25, 2019 –; present Producers: Hilary Frimond; Tony Poon
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With David Storrs, Gaten Matarazzo, Peter Giles, Henry Dittman. takes two complete strangers who each think they're starting their first day at a new job.
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Oct 26, 2019 · I will admit that, when a teddy bear came to life and ran across a balcony in the first episode of Prank Encounters, I laughed: it was quite the ...
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Critic Reviews for Prank Encounters Season 1 · Prank shows always seem cruel, especially when they set out to terrify the people they're pranking. · Netflix's ... First episode date: Oct 25, 2019 Actor: Gaten Matarazzo
Apr 5, 2021 · Prank Encounters also features a handful of actors that play various roles in each prank situation, which changes per episode. Cast members ... First episode date: October 25, 2019