PG-13 · 2007 ‧ Comedy/Romance ‧ 1h 42m
4.1/10 · IMDb 9% · Rotten Tomatoes 4.3/5 · Vudu
Mild-mannered Norbit (Eddie Murphy) has always had it rough, since the day he was left abandoned at a combination Chinese restaurant and orphanage. Recently forced to marry the shrewish glutton Rasputia, he is at wit's end. Then his childhood...
Release date: February 9, 2007 (USA)
Director: Brian Robbins
Music by: David Newman
Dance instructor: Buster Perkin
Box office: $159.3 million

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May 9, 2018 · It's Eddie Murphy "as you love to see him!" in this gut-bustingly funny movie that displays his ...Duration: 1:59
Posted: May 9, 2018
Rating (71,726)
Norbit is a movie about "wimpy" Eddie Murphy getting married to "fat and mean" Eddie Murphy after being orphaned and left to live with "Chinese racist" Eddie ... Full Cast & Crew · Eddie Murphy as Norbit ... · Norbit Reviews & Ratings · Cast (106)
Norbit is a 2007 American comedy film, directed by Brian Robbins, and co-written by, co-produced by, and starring Eddie Murphy. The film co-stars Thandiwe ... Plot · Cast · Production · Reception Story by: Eddie Murphy; Charles Murphy Budget: $60 million Produced by: John Davis; Eddie Murphy Release date: February 9, 2007
Rating (124)
Norbit is an unfunny film that will depress you. This is simply put a comedy with no laughs or entertainment value whatsoever. Eddie Murphy is horrible on- ... Release Date (Streaming): Jun 5, 2007 Release Date (Theaters): Feb 9, 2007 wide Box Office (Gross USA): $95.3M Director: Brian Robbins
Rating (17,919)
HD. A shy, sweet guy stands up to his pushy wife and her beefy brothers when his childhood love reappears in this outrageous comedy.
Rating (17,608)
Norbit (Eddie Murphy) has never had it easy. As a baby, he was abandoned on the steps of a Chinese restaurant/orphanage and raised by Mr. Wong (Eddie ...
Norbit · Price after free trial. $5.99/mo** · Streaming Library with thousands of TV episodes and movies · Most new episodes the day after they air^ · Access to ...
Norbit - Full Cast & Crew ... A nerdy man who is married to an obese shrew gets a second chance to win the heart of his childhood sweetheart. Director.
Rating (16,621)
Mild-mannered Norbit gets a second chance at love with his childhood sweetheart, Kate. But there's one huge obstacle: mean-tempered Rasputia, ...
It's Eddie Murphy "as you love to see him!" in this gut-bustingly funny movie that displays his comedic genius in multiple roles!