Mr. Pickles

2013 ‧ Comedy ‧ 4 seasons
7.4/10 · IMDb
Old Town is a small, old-fashioned place that's slowly being overtaken by the modern world. Among its residents is the Goodman family, including 6-year-old Tommy. The innocent boy gets into adventures around town with his best friend, the family's...
First episode date: August 25, 2013
Theme music composer: Mark Rivers
Grandfather: Henry Gobbleblobber

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Mr. Pickles is an American adult animated sitcom created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart for Adult Swim. The series revolves around the Goodman family, ... Plot · Characters · Production · Episodes Original network: Adult Swim Created by: Will Carsola; Dave Stewart Original release: Pilot: August 25, 2013; Official: September 21, 2014 –; November 18, 2019 Genre: Adult animation; Comedy horror; Splatter; Animated sitcom; Dark comedy
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Little Tommy Goodman's best friend in the world is Mr. Pickles, an adorable mutt who happens to be possessed by the devil and will not rest until he has ...
Rating (7,480)
The Goodman family lives with their lovable pet dog, Mr. Pickles, a deviant border collie with a secret satanic streak. picklesatanic ritual ...
Mr. Pickles is the titular main character of the animated slasher series, Mr. Pickles. He is the late evil dog of the Goodman family. Age: 22-22 Weight: 69 pounds Height: 15 inches
The idyllic looking Old Town is home to the Goodman family. Six-year-old Tommy Goodman loves his dog Mr Pickles, but what Tommy doesn't know is that Mr ...
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What happens when you cross Satan with an adorable black border collie? You get Mr. Pickles! This show follows the adventures of Tommy Goodman and his loyal ...
Pickles emerged. When you watch Mr. Pickles, you'll notice the town where it takes place appears a bit familiar. That's because Carsola and Stewart said it's ...