Marry Me

PG-13 · 2022 ‧ Romance/Comedy ‧ 1h 52m
6.1/10 · IMDb 61% · Rotten Tomatoes 51% · Metacritic
Pop superstar Kat Valdez is about to get married before an audience of her loyal fans. However, seconds before the ceremony, she learns about her fiance's cheating ways and has a meltdown on stage. In a moment of inspired insanity, Kat locks eyes...
Release date: February 11, 2022 (USA)
Director: Kat Coiro
Box office: $50.5 million
Music by: John Debney
Distributed by: Universal Pictures

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Rating (27,578)
Marry Me: Directed by Kat Coiro. With Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Maluma, John Bradley. Music superstars Kat Valdez and Bastian are getting married before ...
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Nov 18, 2021 · A betrayed pop star (Jennifer Lopez), slated to marry her pop star fiancé (Maluma) on stage ...
Duration: 3:35
Posted: Nov 18, 2021
Marry Me is a 2022 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Kat Coiro, with a screenplay by John Rogers, Tami Sagher, and Harper Dill.
Based on: Marry Me; by Bobby Crosby
Budget: $23 million
Produced by: Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas; Jennifer Lopez; Benny Medina; John Rogers
Production companies: Nuyorican Productions; Perfect World Pictures; Kung Fu Monkey Productions
Rating (209)
Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) is half of the sexiest celebrity power couple on Earth with hot new music supernova Bastian (Maluma, making his feature-film debut).
Release Date (Streaming): Feb 11, 2022
Box Office (Gross USA): $22.4M
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 11, 2022 wide
Runtime: 1h 52m
A betrayed pop star (Jennifer Lopez), slated to marry her pop star fiancé (Maluma) on stage, instead marries a stranger from the audience - a high school ...
Rating (12,143)
A heartbroken pop star (Jennifer Lopez) spontaneously weds a stranger from the audience (Owen Wilson) while live on stage, but their sham marriage turns into a ...
Feb 11, 2022 · In the audience is Charlie (Owen Wilson), a grade school math teacher and single dad invited to the concert by his friend Parker (Sarah ...
Feb 11, 2022 · “Marry Me” Celebrates the Charismatic Equality of J. Lo and Owen Wilson ... The rom-com, directed by Kat Coiro, is a clever twist on the very ...
Marry Me. Yours to own with bonus features on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital NOW #MarryMeMovie · Stickers's profile picture. Stickers.
An unlikely romance about two different people searching for something real in a world where value is based on likes and followers, Marry Me is a modern love ...