Hatching Pete

2009 ‧ Family/Comedy ‧ 1h 30m
5.3/10 · IMDb
Pete is very inconspicuous at school, unlike his extrovert mate Cleatis who's happy to don a chicken suit and be the school mascot, but unfortunately Cleatis is allergic to the suit. When there's an uproar at the disappearance of the chicken, and...
Initial release: April 24, 2009
Director: Stuart Gillard
Original network: Disney Channel
Hatching Pete is a 2009 Disney Channel Original Movie which first aired on April 24, 2009 on Disney Channel UK and later Disney Channel and Family.
Original release: April 24, 2009
Music by: Nathan Wang
Original network: Disney Channel
Rating (2,766)
Teen Disney Television stars Jason Dolley, Mitchell Musso, and Tiffany Thornton star in Hatching Pete. Musso is the school's chicken mascot, a family tradition ...
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Pete Ivey (Jason Dolley) is a teenager who is extremely shy and a total introvert. While he has other friends, he prefers to keep company with his best ...
Hatching Pete is about a boy named Pete Ivey (Jason Dolley) who is very shy and a total introvert. He has a best friend named Cleatus Poole (Mitchel Musso) ...
May 12, 2009 · A teenager (Jason Dolley) becomes a big hit when he dons a chicken suit to become a high-school mascot. Rating:.
Genre: Comedy
Release Date (Streaming): May 12, 2009
Rating: TVG
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Feb 24, 2009 · New Disney Channel Original Movie!Hatching Pete Coming ...
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Posted: Feb 24, 2009
Hatching Pete - Full Cast & Crew ... A shy teen becomes a school sensation after he agrees to wear a chicken mascot costume when his best friend can no longer do ...
Apr 24, 2009 · Cleatis can't quit being the mascot even though he's allergic to the suit, so he convinces his best friend Pete, to secretly fill in.
Rating · Review by Emily Ashby
Mar 31, 2022 · Pete Ivey (Jason Dolley) is the type of guy who's easily overlooked in the school halls -- unlike his boisterous best friend, Cleatus Poole ( ...
Legendary mascot performer, Ted Giannoulas, The Famous San Diego Chicken was a consultant and stuntman for the Disney movie Hatching Pete, a family oriented ...