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Storyline. Biologist/Explorer Niall McCann travels the world through some of the toughest terrain, researching animals to better understand their behavior. Now ... Filming Locations: Venezuela
Biggest and Baddest 3 ... Biologist Niall McCann travels around the world investigating how climate change, deforestation, over-population and more are increasing ... Filming Locations: Canada
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For three seasons, the award-winning Biggest and Baddest wildlife conservation series has been presenting films about the struggles between human beings ...
Niall McCann in Biggest and Baddest. 5904 likes · 54 talking about this. Bona fide Explorer Scientist!
In BIGGEST AND BADDEST, McCann wrestles with anacondas to measure them; takes DNA samples of giant hogs; determines the height and films the world's largest Asian elephants; and helps capture, measure and tag ferocious crocs.
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Biggest & Baddest. Reality 2012. Available on Hulu. Global explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann tracks down the largest, fiercest animals in the world to learn ...
Biggest and Baddest. Biologist Niall McCann investigates human to animal conflict around the world brought on by global warming, deforestation and human  ...