This timeline of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict lists events from 1948 to the present. ... These events were said to have had a major impact on the Israeli elections in May. April 11–27, Operation "Grapes of Wrath" and the shelling of Qana. Timeline of the Israeli ... ˇ 2017 ˇ 2020 ˇ Thomas C. Wasson Mitchell-led talks: 2010–11 Kerry-led talks: 2013–14 Agreement on Movement and Access: 2005 Road Map: 2003
Jun 14, 2021 ˇ Max Fisher, MA "9 Questions about the Israel-Palestine Conflict You Were ... US Holocaust Memorial Museum "Timeline of Events," ... - 1947 ˇ - 1967 ˇ - 1992 ˇ - 2000
Explore pivotal years in depth that led to Palestine's transformation into a ... chain of events that led to the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. ... RISHON LE ZION, A MAJOR ZIONIST SETTLEMENT, IS ESTABLISHED IN PALESTINE.
May 13, 2021 ˇ The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A chronology. Image without a caption. Palestinians walk next to the remains of a destroyed 15-story building that ...
May 18, 2021 ˇ Arab-Israeli wars, series of military conflicts between Israeli forces and various Arab forces, most notably in 1948–49, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, ... Arab-Israeli wars summary ˇ Suez Crisis ˇ Six-Day War ˇ Golan Heights
Apr 9, 2019 ˇ A chronology of key events in the history of Israel. ... Israel prevails, but only after suffering significant losses. ... United Nations propose road map to resolve Israeli -Palestinian conflict, proposing independent Palestinian state.
May 14, 2021 ˇ In the last few days, the Israel-Palestine conflict has turned into a ... 2002: Palestinian militant group Hamas launched first major suicide attack ...
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, primarily as a conflict over territory. Learn about the origins of this conflict and track the latest developments on CFR's ... is one of two major Palestinian political parties and was designated a foreign ... The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a Timeline.
16 Key Moments in the Israel-Palestine Conflict ˇ 1. First Arab-Israeli War (1948- 49) ˇ 2. Six Day War (1967) ˇ 3. Munich Olympics (1972) ˇ 4. Camp David Accord (  ...
May 16, 2021 ˇ After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. ... in Jerusalem last month was one of several incidents that led to the current crisis. ... conflict with Hamas, and 16 since the last major Palestinian uprising, or intifada.
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