I have not sold a thing on this website in 120 days plus. What in the h@ll happened?? I use to run over 200 ads a month and have cut down.
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I've had the worse month in sales I have ever seen so far. Aug . actually began really great with one buyer purchasing 140 pieces of my handmade jewelry .
2020 may be an aberration because of lockdowns. They delayed tax day to May 17. That's the only thing I can see that would slow sales down some. But rest ...
06-29-2021 03:05 PM. Sales have been slow for me this month, then all of a sudden i had a record weekend last weekend. It comes in spurts. Good luck.
08-06-2021 04:46 AM. Hi, is anybody else experiencing slow sales this past week, strange for this time of the month. Good luck everybody!
Has anyone else been experiencing slow sales in November 2021? The first 2 weeks were pretty good but since the 17th, my sales have dropped to a.
I started listing daily on January 1st of 2021 & haven't missed a day yet. Consistent daily sales and have only had 1 day with no sales in the past year.
After nearly 8 years selling on ebay, I consider us lucky if we have any sales at all in July & August. This year July turned out better than normal, ...
06-23-2021 12:22 PM - edited 06-23-2021 12:23 PM. is ebay pushing sellers out on purpose? i cannot figure out what else could be going on. my sales are ...
In over 8 years of selling online on eBay and Amazon, full time, I've never run into a problem of slow sales where there was a larger trend at work.