The Yom Kippur War, also known as the Ramadan War, the October War, the 1973 Arab–Israeli War or the Fourth Arab–Israeli War, was an armed conflict fought from 6 to 25 October 1973 between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria.
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Jan 10, 2022 · Yom Kippur War, damaging war between Egypt, Syria, and Israel in October 1973. After years of sporadic fighting since 1967, Egypt and Syria ...

Key People: Moshe Dayan Golda Meir Hosni Mubarak Anwar Sadat Ariel Sharon
Date: October 6, 1973 - c. November 1973
Participants: Egypt Israel Syria
Context: Arab-Israeli wars
On October 6, 1973, hoping to win back territory lost to Israel during the third Arab-Israeli war, in 1967, Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a coordinated ...

Date: October 6, 1973
Besides Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq, several other Arab nations were involved in this war, providing additional weapons and financing. The amount of support ...

Date: October 6 – October 26 1973
Result: UNSC Res. 338: cease-fire leading to Geneva Conference
Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack against Israel on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Combatants. Israel · Egypt · Syria · Jordan · Iraq. Commanders.
At the onset of the battle, the Israeli brigades of some 3,000 troops, 180 tanks and 60 artillery pieces faced off against three infantry divisions with large ...
Oct 8, 2018 · The war, known to Israelis as the Yom Kippur War, and to Arabs as the October War, ushered in a new reality in the Arab world and changed the ...
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On Oct. 6, 1973, Egypt and Syria launched offensives into Israel on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, when most Israeli military personnel would be away from ...
The Yom Kippur War (October 1973) ... The war was so called because it started on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, the Day of Atonement (October 6, 1973).
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List of every major Yom Kippur War battle, including photos, images, or maps of ... Locations: Baltim; Part of: Yom Kippur War; Combatants: Egypt, Israel.