1'several people arrived early' some, a number of, a few, not very many, a handful of, a small group of, various, a variety of, assorted, sundry, diverse.
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synonyms for several · any · certain · considerable · definite · different · disparate · distinct · diverse ...
Synonyms & Antonyms of several · beaucoup · legion · many · multifold · multiple · multiplex · multitudinous · numerous.
The best 69 synonyms for several, including: some, many, various, numerous, a-few, sundry, joint, handful, a lot of, countless, and more.
Adjective · Consisting of a diverse range of · Many and various · Indefinitely large numerically · Occurring or done many times at short intervals · Individually ... Consisting of a diverse range of · Many and various · More than a few Not very many: a small group of Many: numerous A number of: a variety of A few: a handful of
severaladjective. Synonyms: separate, distinct, particular, single · severaladjective. Synonyms: various, manifold, different · severaladjective. Synonyms: sundry ...
Another word for several: some, different, diverse, manifold, many | Collins American Thesaurus.
(pronoun) in the sense of some. Definition. more than a few. I had lived two doors away from his family for several years. Synonyms. some. a few.
Synonyms for Several · various · numerous · many · multiple · different · number · sundry · diverse.
Synonyms for Several: adj. •certain (adjective). a few,; a couple,; upwards of. •different (adjective).