Quebec City / Population
542,298 (2017)

Quebec City

City in Québec, Canada
Québec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada's mostly French-speaking Québec province. Dating to 1608, it has a fortified colonial core, Vieux-Québec and Place Royale, with stone buildings and narrow streets. This area is the site of the towering Château Frontenac Hotel and imposing Citadelle of Québec. The Petit Champlain district’s cobblestone streets are lined with bistros and boutiques.
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Much of the population lives in urban areas along the St. Lawrence River, between the most populous city, Montreal, and the provincial capital, Quebec City.
Quebec City · Province of Quebec (1763 · Quebec French · History

Largest city: Montreal
Area rank: 2nd
Capital: Quebec City
Country: Canada
listen)), is the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec. As of July 2016, the city had a population of 531,902, and the metropolitan area had a ...

GDP per capita (Québec CMA): CA$53,477 (2016)
GDP (Québec CMA): CA$42.8 billion (2016)
Area codes: : 418; 581; 367;
Region: Capitale-Nationale
Quebec has an estimated population of 8.18 million, which makes it the second-most populous province in Canada. This compares to the population of 7.9 ...
Dec 8, 2021 · As of July 1, 2021, Québec had a population of 8,604,500, up by 25,100 from the beginning of the year. This six-month increase is higher than ...
Quebec ; Capital: Quebec ; Population: (2016) 8,164,361; (2019 est.) 8,421,698 ; Date Of Admission: 1867 ; Provincial Motto: "Je me souviens (I remember)"

Population: (2016) 8,164,361; (2019 est.) 8,421,698
Provincial Motto: "Je me souviens (I remember)"
Provincial Flower: blue flag
Date Of Admission: 1867
Quebec is the second most populated province in Canada with population around 8.5 million people. Quebec's population account for 22.55 percent of the ...
Oct 4, 2021 · This statistic shows the estimated population of Quebec, Canada from 2000 to 2021. In 2021, the estimated population of Quebec was about 8.6 ...
According to Statcan, Quebec population in 2022 is estimated to be 8.63 million, the second-largest by population in Canada and largest province by area ...
Quebec, Canada Metro Area Population 1950-2022 · The current metro area population of Quebec in 2022 is 838,000, a 0.72% increase from 2021. · The metro area ...