Peter Griffin

Fictional character
Peter Löwenbräu Griffin is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American animated sitcom Family Guy. He is voiced by the series' creator, Seth MacFarlane, and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the Griffin family, in... Wikipedia
First appearance: "Death Has a Shadow" (1999)
Children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin (including Bertram and further offspring)
Created by: Seth MacFarlane
Spouse: Lois Griffin
Height: 6'3"

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Peter Löwenbräu Griffin is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American animated sitcom · Peter is married to Lois Griffin and is the father of Meg, ... Role in Family Guy · Character · Reception · Cultural influence Occupation: Brewery shipping clerk; Former safety inspector at the Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory; Former fisherman Nationality: American Family: Mickey McFinnigan (biological father); Francis Griffin (adoptive father); Thelma Griffin (mother); Chip Griffin (twin brother); ... Spouse: Lois Griffin
Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr., born Justin Peter Griffin according to his birth records in "Quagmire's Mom", is a man of Irish descent currently residing in ...Duration: 1:40
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Peter Justin Löwenbräu Griffin-McFinnigan, Sr. (born Justin Peter Griffin) (formerly Steven "Steve" Hemsley Gerber) (born September 22, 1966), ... Age: 43 (debut); 44 (as of The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou); 45 (as of Baby, You Knock Me Out); 46 (as of Chap Stewie); 47 (as ... Full name: Justin Peterson Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr. Steven Hemsley Gerber (actual name); Kichwa Tembo (African name); Gggwg... Job(s): Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory (Death Has a Shadow - Mr. Saturday Knight); S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, ... Voiced by: Seth MacFarlane (primarily); Patrick Stewart (via temporary vocal chord exchange in "No Meals on Wheels"); Seth Ro...
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Peter Griffin is the main character on the American animated television series Family Guy. The patriarch of the Griffin family, Peter has inspired to ...
A page for describing Characters: Family Guy Peter Griffin. Back to the main page. A portly father from Rhode Island who's an immature, dim-witted, ...
Peter Griffin: Brian, there's a message in my Alpha Bits. It says "OOOOOO". Brian Griffin: Peter, those are Cheerios.