Ontario / Population
14.57 million (2019)
Source: StatCan


Canadian Province
Ontario is a province in east-central Canada that borders the U.S. and the Great Lakes. It's home to Ottawa, Canada's capital, known for Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery, featuring Canadian and indigenous art. Toronto, Ontario's capital, is home to the 553m-high CN Tower, with expansive views from its revolving restaurant, as well as High Park, site of a rare oak savannah habitat.
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Ontario has an estimated population of 13.6 million living in a total area of 1,076,395 square kilometers, or more than 415,000 square miles. This gives Ontario ...
Ontario ; 10.8% of Canada · 14,223,942 · 14,951,825.
Country: Canada
East of 90th meridian west: UTC-05:00 (EST)
West of 90th meridian west, except Atikokan and Pickle Lake: UTC-06:00 (CST)
Demonym(s): Ontarian
It is home to the nation's capital city, Ottawa, and the nation's most populous city, Toronto. Population Density of Ontario in 2016 ...
Ontario's population reached 14,789,778 on April 1, 2021, with a increase of 34,567 people during the first quarter of 2021. This compares to an increase of ...
The population of all cities and towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants (plus some selected municipalities) in Ontario according to census results and ...
14 records · Ontario (map), 14,795,883, 14,826,276, 14,915,270, 14,951,825, 15,007,816 ... Table 17-10-0009-01 Population estimates, quarterly.
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Nonetheless, Ontario's share of the Canadian population has been gradually rising. The province is now overwhelmingly urban, with more than four-fifths of its ...