Uptown Friday Night

Martin: Season 4, Episode 7
Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) gets robbed after picking up Gina's (Tisha Campbell) gift at the jewellery store for Martin (Martin Lawrence).
Show: Martin
Air date: October 21, 1995
Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) gets robbed after picking up Gina's (Tisha Campbell) gift at the jewelry store for Martin (Martin Lawrence). Genre: Comedy.
Rating (32)
After picking up Gina's prized earrings from the jeweler, Tommy, Cole and Jerome get robbed. Rappers SALT-N-PEPA guest star.
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Sep 5, 1996 · Episode Details & Credits ... Summary: Tommy & Cole get robbed at Jerome's new club, the ...Posted: Sep 5, 1996
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Tommy and Cole had one job to do: get Gina's gift and comeback. But Jerome has opened a new club, the Shiznitz, so Tommy and Cole stop by and everyone ends up ...
Uptown Friday Night was the seventh episode of Season 4 of Martin, also the 88th overall episode of the series. Written by Kenny Buford, the episode, ... Season 4, Episode 7; #88 in series (132 episodes): IMDb Uptonwn Friday Night ← Previous episode: "He Say, She Say" Next episode: "Old School Loving" Series: Martin (TV series)
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Series 4, Episode 7 - Do Not Disturb ... Martin seeks out Louisa to talk about his new surgeon's job in London, but they are interrupted by Bert, who wants to ...
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27+ products · Buy Martin: Season 4 Episode 7 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, ... Comic superstar Martin Lawrence plays a small-time talk-radio host--as well as a ...
Gina: Tisha Campbell. Martin: Martin Lawrence. Pam: Tichina Arnold. Tommy: Tommy Ford. Show more. Where to Watch. Martin, Season 4 Episode 7 image.
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