The death of a journalist who worked for a celebrity gossip website leads detectives to her publisher, who sought to use information she gathered for a ...


Law & Order episode (season 20, episode 12)
The detectives discover a relationship between a murdered journalist and a daytime talk show host, Vanessa Carville. Their investigation uncovers Carville had revealed blackmail threats and workplace affairs to the DA.
Season number: 20
Episode number: 12
Air date: January 15, 2010
Director: Marc Levin

When Bernard and Lupo find a woman dead in an abandoned apartment, they learn she was a journalist working for a celebrity gossip site. Plot · Cast · Guest cast Previous episode: "Fed" Next episode: "Steel-Eyed Death"
"Blackmail" is the twelfth episode of the twentieth season of the television series Law & Order. It aired on NBC January 15, 2010. Production · Reception Episode no: Season 20; Episode 12 (#445 overall) Original air date: January 15, 2010
Jan 16, 2010 · Here is the recap: In a restaurant, reporter Megan Kerrick tells another woman that she would be a totally anonymous source, but the other woman ...
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Law & Order Season 20 Episode 12: Blackmail Summary: When a journalist is found dead in an abandoned apartment, the investigation uncovers a relationship ...
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