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Seth MacFarlane
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H. Brian Griffin is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy. An anthropomorphic white Labrador ... Role in Family Guy · Character · Reception · In other media
Seth MacFarlane[edit] ... Seth MacFarlane voices four of the show's main characters: Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Glenn Quagmire. Current cast · Seth MacFarlane · Mike Henry · Recurring cast Program creators: Seth MacFarlane
Brian Griffin is an 8-year old talking white Labrador who has lived with the Griffin family since Peter picked him up as a stray as shown in "Brian: ...Duration: 1:17
Posted: Jan 22, 2019
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A microchip in Brian reveals that he once lived with another family, making it difficult for him to enjoy his life with the Griffins. actor voices multiple ...
Seth MacFarlane. Peter Griffin/Stewie Griffin/Brian Griffin/Quagmire/Tom Tucker. Seth MacFarlane's talents encompass every aspect of the entertainment industry.
Family Guy follows the hilariously offbeat Griffin family. ... Seth MacFarlane. Peter Griffin/Stewie Griffin/Brian Griffin/Quagmire/Tom Tucker.
Family Guy pulled a surprising move in last night's episode: They killed off Brian. R.I.P Brian Griffin (1999-2013) Yep. And to twist the knife further, ...
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Jan 22, 2021 · Brian and Stewie in the multiverse? No wonder Brian is happy!! #FamilyGuy continues ...Duration: 3:01
Posted: Jan 22, 2021