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Encino Man. (5,971) 5.81 h 28 min1992X-RayPG. Two high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard! Directors: Les Mayfield.
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Two high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard. Once the living fossil thaws out, the friends figure he's their ticket to being cool, ...
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Encino Man. High school misfits Stoney and Dave discover a long-frozen primeval man from the past in their back yard. But the thawed-out Link, ...
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Stone Age meets the Rock Age when two high school outcasts unearth a frozen caveman while excavating a backyard pool.
School misfits Stoney and Dave locate a primeval man buried in their own rear yard. But the Link--because he has been named by the boys becomes a wildcard ...
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Where to stream Encino Man online? Can you watch Encino Man on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video or other services?Duration: 2:17
Posted: Aug 5, 2012
Watch Encino Man starring Sean Astin in this Comedy on DIRECTV. It's available to watch on TV, online, tablets, phone.
You are Watch Encino Man free online. Stoney and Dave find a caveman (Link) trapped in ice, thaw him out, and show him around town.