Danny John-Jules and Ben Miller were reminiscing about season one when they revealed an actress was forced to pull out of the show.
Posted: Feb 12, 2021
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Death in Paradise has paid tribute to beloved producer and actor Jay Benedict who sadly passed away after falling ill from coronavirus.
Posted: Apr 11, 2020
May 10, 2021 · Fans and actors have paid tribute as Notting Hill and Death In Paradise actor Tony Armatrading dies aged 59 from cancer.
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(Actor Larrington Walker) "died on 3 September 2017 in Guadeloupe on a day off from filming episode 7:7 of Death in Paradise. He played Samuel Palmer.
DEATH IN PARADISE'S very first detective Richard Poole was sensationally killed off as actor Ben Miller made his exit from the show but the ...
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Posted: Mar 3, 2021
Larrington St Anthony Walker (1946 – 3 September 2017) was a British actor. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Walker emigrated to the UK in 1956. Walker starred in the ...
Feb 5, 2021 · Richard was killed off in the first episode of Death in Paradise series three. He was brutally murdered at a Cambridge University reunion. A ...
Jan 21, 2021 · Four different actors have played the role of the leading detective - Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O'Hanlon and Ralf Little - and all had ...
death in paradise actor dies during filming. The actor died on Saturday (4 April) following a battle with the Covid-19 virus, which has claimed almost 6,000 ...