Forever Charmed

Charmed: Season 8, Episode 22
In the final episode ever, Piper and Leo, with help from Coop's ring, must travel back in time to change the events that lead to the deaths of Piper's sisters. Meanwhile, Billie uses her power of projection to do the same thing, and many familiar...
Show: Charmed
Air date: May 21, 2006
Written by: Brad Kern
Director: James L. Conway
Production code: 62015-08-178

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"Forever Charmed" is the last episode of the American supernatural-drama television series Charmed, and the 178th overall. It is the second part of the ... Episode no: Season 8; Episode 22 Original air date: May 21, 2006 Production code: 62015-08-178
Billie tries to convince Christy, but when Christy launches a fireball at the sisters, Billie deflects it, accidentally killing Christy. ... In the final ... Cast and Characters ˇ Episodes ˇ Reception ˇ Ratings
Rating (1,482)
Forever Charmed (21 May 2006) ... Piper, with the help of Coop, must travel back in time to change the events that lead to the deaths of her sisters.
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"Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The final episode scene says what is going to happen to the protagonists' kids and actually ends with a shot of their grandkids.
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