The Office

A.A.R.M. - Part 1

A.A.R.M. - Part 1

The Office: Season 9, Episode 22
As everyone prepares for the premiere of the documentary, Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to hire an assistant to the assistant to the regional manager. Then, after being turned away at daycare, Angela brings her baby to work.
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What happens in season 9 episode 22 of The Office?
In the episode, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) convinces Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) that he needs to choose someone to act as an Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager (A.A.R.M.); the two subsequently hold tryouts for the position.
Does Jim cheat on Pam?
John Krasinski has opened up about a scene that he refused to film in The Office, in which his character Jim cheats on wife Pam. The actor appeared in the US version of the workplace comedy from 2005 to 2013, during which time Jim and Pam would become a central couple in the show's storyline and also fan favourites.
Who played Baby Philip on The Office?
Who played baby Phillip Schrute in 'The Office'? “Baby Phillip was absolutely amazing!” Rogers shared reflecting on the memorable episode of The Office. “He was played by Vince and Evan Edwards and this was their first professional job in front of cameras on a professional set.
What episode of The Office do they watch the documentary?
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Dwight prepares for a marriage proposal and hires an assistant for his assistant, Andy auditions for a singing program, Darryl tries to leave his job ...
Andy decides to quit his job and pursue his dream; Dwight has his best day ever at work; Jim comes back to Scranton to spend more time with Pam. Genre:.
"A.A.R.M." is the collective name for the twenty-second and twenty-third episodes of the ninth season ... Season 9. Episodes 22/23. Directed by, David Rogers.
Jim takes time away from Philadelphia to be closer to Pam; Dwight has his best workday ever; Angela hits rock bottom.
Erin: The tea in Nepal is very hot. Dwight: But the coffee in Peru is far hotter. Erin: Close. Dwight: This is Tuesday, right? The coffee in Paraguay is far ...
The Office Recap: 'A.A.R.M' (Season 9, Episode 22) ... “This” is being Assistant to the Regional Manager (Dwight Schrute) at a paper company that, even if it can ...
May 9, 2013 · Andy auditions for the reality TV show “The Next Great A Cappella Sensation.” Jim expresses his love for Pam and Dwight expresses his love for ...
"A.A.R.M." is the twenty-second/twenty-third episode of the ninth season of the American television comedy series The Office and is the show's 198th/199th ...
Episode: 22/23
Production Code: 9022/9023
Directed by: David Rogers
Season 9 "A.A.R.M." 9x22 ... Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to choose someone to act as an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager; the two subsequently ...
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Jul 5, 2020 · A.A.R.M - Part 1: Andy attends an a capella audition, while Jim persuades Dwight to recruit an ...
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