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A Benihana Christmas - Part 1

Television series episode
Michael gets in trouble when he sends out an inappropriate Christmas card, and tensions mount on the party planning committee when Angela vetos every idea that Karen comes up with, causing Karen to break off and plan a Christmas party of her own.
Directed by: Harold Ramis
Original air date: December 14, 2006
Written by: Jennifer Celotta
Rating (5,636)
The Office. S3.E10 ... Steve Carell and Ed Helms in The Office (2005) ... Body is a Wonderland" in this episode, John Mayer asked that he be given a Dundie.
"A Benihana Christmas" is the tenth and eleventh episodes of the third season of the American comedy television series The Office, ... The Office episodes. Episode nos. Season 3. Episodes 10/11.
Strife on the party-planning committee results in two competing Christmas parties; Michael gets dumped for the holidays. Genre: Comedy. Network: NBC.
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Is Benihana in 40 year old virgin the same as the office?
This episode is the first double-length episode of the series. The Benihana restaurant that Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Andy go to is the same one featured in the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), also starring Steve Carell.
What episode does Carol dump Michael?
Trouble among the members of the party planning committee results with Pam and Karen hosting a rival Christmas party, but Michael isn't interested in celebrating after being dumped by Carol.
What episode of the office do they go to Benihana?
Who was Angela's secret Santa the office?
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"A Benihana Christmas" is the tenth/eleventh episode of the third season of The Office and is the 38th/39th overall. It was written by Jennifer ...
Episode: 10/11
Production Code: 3009/3014
Summary: Michael sends out an inappropriate Christmas card which lands him in hot water with his girlfriend, Carol. Tensions mount on the party planning ...
Dwight and Andy compete to cheer up Michael after a Christmas card gone wrong leads to relationship turbulence. The Office Season 3.
The Office: Superfan Episodes - Season 3 Episode 10. A Benihana Christmas Part 1 and Part 2 (Extended Cut). Get Peacock Premium to watch this episode.
In The Office Benihana Christmas episode the waitresses at the restaurant are not the same waitresses that ... r/DunderMifflin - S3 EP10 character change?
The Office Season 3 Episode 10: "A Benihana Christmas " Quotes · Michael: Why do I feel like crap? · Angela: Meredith, if you do not come to my party, you will be ...
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Jul 1, 2020 · ... Carol on vacation to Jamaica with him, while Pam worries that Jim has changed. (S3, ep 10 ...
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