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Aug 5, 2022 · 15 Best Pete Davidson Moments on 'SNL,' From Chad to the Tucci Gang · Chad (Recurring) · Pete Davidson on Weekend Update (Recurring) · Meet Cute (Season 42, ...
May 20, 2022 · Pete Davidson's Best 'SNL' Sketches: Watch 'Chad,' 'Rap Roundtable' and More · “Jasmine and Aladdin” · “Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Staten Island” · “Weekend ...
Mar 18, 2022 · Pete Davidson's Best 'SNL' Skits Of All-Time: From 'Aladdin' To 'Teacher Trial' · More 'SNL' News: · 'Jasmine And Aladdin' · Saturday Night Live · More videos · More ...
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What episode of Saturday Night Live is Pete Davidson on?
The Season 47 finale of Saturday Night Live marked the farewell to four long-running cast members, including Pete Davidson. Born and raised in Staten Island, Davidson began as a stand-up comedian and joined the SNL cast in Season 40.
Jun 7, 2022
What is the funniest SNL episode?

Here is a list of the best SNL Episodes:

Season 39, Episode 10: Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake.
Season 38, Episode 16: Justin Timberlake.
Season 1, Episode 7: Richard Pryor/Gil Scott-Heron.
Season 37, Episode 10: Jimmy Fallon/Michael Bublé
Season 36, Episode 22: Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga. ...
How did Pete Davidson end up on SNL?
The first new addition to the cast that season, Davidson was given a chance to audition for the show through regular Bill Hader, whom he had met while filming a small part in the 2015 Judd Apatow feature film comedy Trainwreck. Hader subsequently told producer Lorne Michaels about him.
What season did Pete Davidson join SNL?
Back in 2014, Davidson, 28, became the first person born in the 1990s to join the cast of SNL. He joined the hit comedy sketch show at the young age of 20 during the show's 40th season.
May 22, 2022
Nov 5, 2021 · 21 Of Pete Davidson's Most Iconic "SNL" Sketches, Ranked From "I'm Putting This On Repeat" To "Now I Understand Why Everyone Wants To Date Him".
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Dec 25, 2021 · These Pete Davidson "SNL" performances were more than "okay." For this list, we'll be ...
Duration: 13:54
Posted: Dec 25, 2021
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Mar 18, 2022 · Pete Davidson's Funniest Moments on SNL (Kim Kardashian)Saturday Night ...
Duration: 8:19
Posted: Mar 18, 2022
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Oct 2, 2021 · Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to discuss the 2021 Met Gala.Saturday Night Live ...
Duration: 3:15
Posted: Oct 2, 2021
Nov 5, 2021 · 15."Tucci Gang," a parody of "Gucci Gang" by Lil Pump: ... he sings, "some of you don't know his name. The real Lil Pump could never.
Jun 11, 2022 · Pete Davidson's Best SNL Characters, Ranked · 10 Lil Pump In Tucci Gang · 9 Diner Lobster Guy · 8 Count Chocula · 7 Aladdin · 6 Steve From "Meet Cute" · 5 Stu · 4 ...
Jun 7, 2022 · 14 Pete Davidson Moments on SNL That Are Truly Iconic—And Hilarious ... We'll miss America's funniest Eminem look-a-like. ... The Season 47 finale of Saturday Night ...