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Michael Clayton / Film synopsis
Problem fixer Michael Clayton is brought in to clean up the mess after one of his law firm's top litigators suffers a breakdown while representing a corrupt chemical corporation in a multi-billion dollar legal suit. Under pressure to appease the firm's clients, Clayton finds himself torn between his desire to do the right thing and a pressing need to pay off spiralling personal debts.
People also ask
Is Michael Clayton based on a true story?
I will say that although "Michael Clayton" isn't based on a true story like "Brockovich" or "The Insider," Gilroy's film somehow feels more genuine, more emblematic of how personal strife and professional chaos shape who we are as people.
Oct 15, 2007
Why did Michael Clayton get out of the car?
He got out of the car, to investigate. I think the look on his face as he inspected the horses...was relief, resignation, release. A reinforcement of who he was, and what he was good at. The fixers client didn't hit a man, he hit a horse.
Who does Michael Clayton owe money to?
Clayton's addict brother Timmy (David Lansbury) squandered Michael's life savings after they got into business together; Clayton is now $75,000 in debt.
Jul 6, 2020
Is Michael Clayton based on a book?
The official screenplay book tie-in to the hit thriller from Warner Bros., starring Academy AwardŽ winner George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton, and Sydney Pollack, and written and directed by Tony Gilroy (The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy).
Jun 18, 2021 ˇ Michael Clayton follows Michael Clayton (Clooney), an attorney and “fixer” for a prestigious law firm in New York City who uses his connections and ...
Clayton confronts Crowder, then rides alone with his thoughts. The 2007 movie Michael Clayton, written and directed by Tony Gilroy is one of the finest ...
Duration: 4:40
Posted: Jul 19, 2021
Jan 5, 2022 ˇ In George Clooney …starred in the critically acclaimed Michael Clayton, portraying a corporate attorney who pushes ethical boundaries.
Rating (300,041)
Dec 27, 2021 ˇ Clayton cleans up clients' messes, handling anything from hit-and-runs and damaging stories in the press to shoplifting wives and crooked politicians.
For a movie that gets so much mileage out of dialogue and exposition, the pivotal moment in Michael Clayton comes in a wordless scene of almost mystical ...
Duration: 2:14
Posted: May 19, 2021
Nov 18, 2021 ˇ This description makes Michael Clayton sound the kind of adrenaline thriller that made screenwriter Gilroy's name (namely the Bourne espionage thrillers, which ...
Video for What is the story of Michael Clayton?
Mar 17, 2021 ˇ In this 2007 film, a law firm brings in its "fixer" (George Clooney) to remedy the situation after a ...
Duration: 2:14
Posted: Mar 17, 2021
Dec 9, 2021 ˇ The story of corporate tyranny is fantastic and progresses the movie organically ... And wasn't the book the one Michael Clayton's son had recommended?
Jan 11, 2022 ˇ Filmgazm is made by movie lovers for movie lovers. We believe in the magic of film and we aim celebrate films of all genres and throughout cinema history, ...
Oct 5, 2021 ˇ Henry's favourite book Realm and Conquest (a fictional book that becomes a metaphor for moral corruption), is introduced fairly early in the movie. The science ...