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je m'en fiche
7 days ago · I don't care! ... ça m'est égal ! She doesn't care. Ça lui est égal. See full dictionary entry ...
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What is je m'en fiche?
What does it mean? Je m'en fiche is one of the many French ways to say 'I don't care'. It's not vulgar like its sister expression je m'en fous, just a little colloquial.
Sep 30, 2020
What is Fechar?
Do the French say sacre bleu?
Sacrebleu! Sacrebleu is a very old fashioned French curse, which is rarely used by the French these days. An English equivalent would be “My Goodness!” or “Golly Gosh!” It was once considered very offensive.
What does SNIF mean in French slang?
1 day ago · Chanter faux – pronounced shahn-tay foe – literally means to 'fake sing.' You might assume this expression would mean 'lip sync' in French, but its true meaning ...
3 days ago · Humbug! interj, slang (nonsense, rubbish), bobadas interj. tonterías interj. Oh, humbug! I don't care about details. ¡Qué bobadas!
7 days ago · Spanish curse words that are not in the dictionary? Here they are! “Care” is short for “cara de”. About “mondá” and “chimba” refer to the penis. So, you got “ ...
7 days ago · care definition: 1. the process of protecting someone or something and ... Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself (= I do not need anyone else to ...
7 days ago · Meaning of minding in English · mind verb (BE ANNOYED) · mind verb (BE CAREFUL) · mind verb (TAKE CARE OF) · mind verb (OBEY) · Grammar · Idioms.
6 days ago · If you don't know who you are writing to, start your letters by “Messieurs”. ... Once you've taken care of the name on the envelop, write the info from the ...
47 minutes ago · Gens du monde “people of the world” is a borrowing from French comprising gens ... Take care not to confuse uro- “tail” with uro- “urine,” which comes from ...