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7 days ago · I give new potential shows up to three episodes before I give up, so you're already past how ... What We Do in the Shadows | Season 4 Official Trailer | FX.
2 days ago · "Reservation Dogs" and "What We Do In The Shadows," starred in upcoming ... We Do In The Shadows," directed upcoming episodes of "The Mandalorian" season 3.
4 days ago · What We Do in the Shadows | Season 4 Official Trailer ... 9. 7 · Was there an episode where we saw Laszlo's face on a bat? ... question bout season 3(self).
4 days ago · And what do they do? They don't string them out. THey could have easily saved Slade's reveal in the present for like an end of season cliffhanger, ...
4 days ago · Maybe we should try and make a spec script for both to send in - one for SNW ... Plus Worf isn't going to look like a Discovery Klingon in Picard Season 3 ...
4 days ago · A place to discuss the What We Do in the Shadows franchise. ... #2: The three stages of watching OFMD | 42 comments ... Responsible_Good4254 • in 9 hr.
6 days ago · Haha a system to hold back whales to allow the other top 9 clans to catch up so ... Stupid question, but how do I become a shadow and what are the benefits?
Rating · Review by Laura Wanberg
6 days ago · Read on for our review of Duncanville Season 3 Episode 9. ... He screws Jack over, flirts with Annie, and commits tax fraud with Jack, as all besties do.
3 days ago · They definitely overhyped the episode in terms on what we're going to see but it's definitely one of the best episodes of the show. Do we think that A train is ...