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Infection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs, which may fill with fluid.
  • Some types preventable by vaccine
  • Treatable by a medical professional
  • Requires a medical diagnosis
  • Lab tests or imaging always required
  • Spreads by airborne droplets
  • Short-term: resolves within days to weeks
With pneumonia, the air sacs may fill with fluid or pus. The infection can be life-threatening to infants, children, and people over 65.
Symptoms include cough with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing.
Antibiotics can treat many forms of pneumonia. Some forms of pneumonia can be prevented by vaccines.
Very common: More than 3 million US cases per year
Consult a doctor for medical advice Sources: Mayo Clinic and others. Learn more
5 days ago · Causes of Pneumonia ... Pneumonia is caused by different microorganisms—including bacteria Overview of Bacteria Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms.
5 days ago · Pneumonia is acute inflammation of the lungs caused by infection. Initial diagnosis is usually based on chest x-ray and clinical findings. Causes, symptoms ...
People also ask
What is the main causes of pneumonia?
Common Causes of Pneumonia Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can all cause pneumonia. In the United States, common causes of viral pneumonia are influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). A common cause of bacterial pneumonia is Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus).
How can pneumonia be transmitted?
The viruses and bacteria that are commonly found in a child's nose or throat, can infect the lungs if they are inhaled. They may also spread via air-borne droplets from a cough or sneeze. In addition, pneumonia may spread through blood, especially during and shortly after birth.
Nov 11, 2021
Can pneumonia go away on its own?
Mild cases of pneumonia can go away on their own if you manage your symptoms and get adequate rest. Home treatment for pneumonia includes getting plenty of rest, drinking adequate fluids, steamy baths or showers, fever reducers, and avoiding smoking. In severe cases of pneumonia, hospitalization may be needed.
Oct 1, 2021
Can pneumonia cause death?
About 1 million adults in the US seek care in a hospital due to pneumonia every year, and 50,000 die from this disease. than the age extremes, it is always a threat. Half of all non-immunocompromised adults hospitalized for severe pneumonia in the US are younger adults (18-57 years of age).
4 days ago · Pneumonias caused by chlamydia and mycoplasma are often clinically indistinguishable from other pneumonias. C. pneumoniae accounts for 2 to 5% of community- ...
7 days ago · Viral and bacterial lung infections can cause heavy coughing, thick mucus, and a fever. ... For example, some viruses can cause bronchitis and pneumonia.
5 days ago · Clinical characteristics of the afebrile pneumonia associated with Chlamydia trachomatis infection in infants less than 6 months of age. Pediatrics 1979; 63:192 ...
10 hours ago · Causes of localised pulmonary haemorrhage include: infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis or other forms of bronchiectasis · congenital ...
5 days ago · He went on to say that "25 separate causes" have been ruled out. Legionnaire's disease, one of two forms of legionellosis, is contracted through inhalation of ...
6 days ago · Aspiration pneumonia is caused by bacteria that reside in the oral and nasal ... Causes acute respiratory emergencies and may cause bacterial pneumonia.
3 days ago · Bibersteinia (formerly Pasteurella) trehalosi causes septicemia and ... tract that can cause pneumonia either alone or in conjunction with other organisms.