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Lions Clubs International Community » Clubs
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Life Cycle Inventory Miscellaneous » Unclassified
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Livable Centers Initiative Miscellaneous » Unclassified
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Lincoln Center Institute Community
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Livestock Conservation Institute Medical » Veterinary -- and more...
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People also ask
What does LCI mean in statistics?
The labour cost index, abbreviated as LCI, is a short-term indicator showing the short-term development of hourly labour costs incurred by employers, the total cost on an hourly basis of employing labour. In other words, the LCI measures the cost pressure arising from the production factor “labour”.
What does LCI mean in medical terms?
Definition of abbreviations: LCI = lung clearance index; zLCI = LCI standardized to a z score.
What does LCA stand for?
A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) measures the environmental impacts of a product or service. Learn all about LCA in our extensive guide.
What does DTS mean in it?
Digital Terrain System
Document Tracking Services (software)
Document Tracking System
Data Terminal Set
1 day ago · LCI definition: a type of military landing craft used in World War II, designed principally for carrying... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...
4 days ago · Statistics LCI abbreviation meaning defined here. What does LCI stand for in Statistics? Get the top LCI abbreviation related to Statistics.
5 days ago · iPhone and most iPod devices are equipped with Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) that you can see from the outside. An LCI will activate when it contacts water ...
Video for LCI meaning
4 days ago · find out the best online videos about bmw lci meaning, watch latest car videos, automotive ...Duration: 8:06
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6 days ago · The scenario difference file shall be defined as a file that stores the flow values for all flows that differ between the individual LCI databases (scenarios).
4 days ago · Early models included the 328i and 335i and (post LCI) later models included the 330i and 340i. The 320i, 318d, and 316d models were added to the F30 range in ...
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4 days ago · LCI logo · SIGN IN · letter-from-rome. signs-of-the-times. vatican-diary ... quest" nor are they questioning "the meaning of life" and "life after death".
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