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Batman / Movies (by Release date)
16 hours agoThe Dark Knight Trilogy (also referred to by fans as the Nolanverse) consists of Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012),†... Films1970s and 80sTim Burton and Joel Schumacher series (1989–1997)
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What order do the Batman movies go in?

Here's Decider's guide on how (and where!) to watch all the Batman movies in order.

'Batman: The Movie' (1966) Photo: Everett Collection. ...
'Batman' (1989) ...
'Batman Returns' (1992) ...
'Batman Forever' (1995) ...
'Batman and Robin' (1997) ...
'Batman Begins' (2005) ...
'The Dark Knight' (2008) ...
'The Dark Knight Rises' (2012)
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What Comes After Dark Knight Rises?
Following “The Dark Knight Rises,” Nolan went on to direct his space epic “Interstellar” and his World War II survival thriller “Dunkirk.” The director's next film, the global spy thriller “Tenet,” is opening in theaters July 17, 2020. All of these films have the backing of Warner Bros.
What movie is after the Dark Knight?
U.S. release date
Batman Begins
June 25, 2005
Christopher Nolan
The Dark Knight
July 18, 2008
The Dark Knight Rises
July 20, 2012
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
March 25, 2016
Zack Snyder
What is the darkest Batman movie?
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Undoubtedly the darkest Batman-centric movie ever made, the conclusion of Nolan's genre-shifting trilogy is incredibly grim and decidedly made for adults. The violence is extreme, and the movie explores themes like mortality that even Tolstoy would find depressing.
1 day agoBATMAN FILMS – A History of Batman On Film ∑ THE BATMAN (1943) ∑ BATMAN AND ROBIN (1949) ∑ BATMAN (1966) ∑ BATMAN (1989) ∑ BATMAN RETURNS (1992) ∑ BATMAN FOREVER (†...
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3 days agoGEORGE CLOONEY. It's safe to assume Clooney regrets his decision to star in Batman & Robin. It was the worst box-office performer of the modern Batman movies†...
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6 hours agoAfter disappointing reactions to the Batman vs Superman and Justice League films helmed by Zack Snyder, Warner Bros decided a change of direction was in order.