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6 days ago · Christian values consist of what Jesus Christ referred to as the first and second greatest commandments. The first is to love God. The second is to love other ...
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What are the 6 Christian values?

Our six core Christian values

Friendship – Four faithful friends Luke 5:17.
Generosity - Feeding of the five thousand Matthew 14:13.
Perseverance- Simeon and Anna Luke 2:21.
Forgiveness- Prodigal Son Luke 15:11.
Compassion – Good Samaritan Luke 10:25.
Respect- Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:7.
What are the 5 basic beliefs of Christianity?
The 5 are: 1) Uniqueness of Jesus (Virgin Birth) --Oct 7; 2) One God (The Trinity) Oct 14; 3) Necessity of the Cross (Salvation) and 4) Resurrection and Second Coming are combinded on Oct 21; 5) Inspiration of Scripture Oct 28.
Oct 28, 2019
What are some good Christian values?

The Values we explore and strive to live by are:

What are Jesus's values?

12 things Jesus valued that we must value

He valued Life. He is Life and he came to give it. ...
He valued Love. He was motivated by it. ...
He valued Peace. He is the Prince of Peace. ...
He valued truth. ...
He valued Relationships: with God, with people. ...
He valued Faith. ...
He valued Prayer And Fasting. ...
He valued Souls.
1 day ago · Mar 7, 2022 - Christian values are the values that Christians are called to live out in their everyday lives.
7 days ago · Further, Spirit-filled believers should show the spiritual “fruit” that has been given to them: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, ...
4 days ago · These are the guiding principles and motives for our ministries: Scriptural Saturation (Psalm 1:1-3; 2 Timothy 3:16-17): We are committed to being a church ...
6 days ago · There is One God, who has always existed in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (Matt. 28:19; 2Cor. 13:14). Our Lord Jesus ...
6 days ago · Values · Prayer · Gospel Transformation · Living with Excellence · Grace · Community · Disciples and Stewards · Missions · Evangelism.
3 days ago · We value creating an environment where people are inspired to pursue, find, and live out their purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. {Jeremiah 1:5; ...
6 days ago · He cultivates Christian character, comforts believers, and bestows the spiritual gifts by which they serve God through His church. He seals the believer unto ...
5 days ago · 1. Salvation through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By our standards, non-Christians do good deeds. · 2. God's grace · 3. The Holy Spirit.
6 days ago · Decisions and actions based on Christian values – 'Doing the right thing'. ... Encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5: 11) ...