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4 days ago ˇ Though Luke was in a relationship with some other celebrities, his relationship with Wentworth Miller is considered the most famous one.
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Are Wentworth Miller and Luke Macfarlane a couple?
Miller, who is notoriously private, is reportedly dating actor Luke Macfarlane according to Distractify. Macfarlane, who's best known for playing Scotty Wendell on ABC's Brothers and Sisters, has been linked to Macfarlane since 2007.
Is Wentworth in a relationship?
Wentworth is reportedly dating actor Luke Mcfarlane. Wentworth is known for being intensely private about the who's who in his personal life.
Jun 14, 2020
How rich is Wentworth Miller?
Wentworth Miller Net Worth: Wentworth Miller is an English-born American actor, model, and screenwriter with a net worth of $4 million.
How old is Luke Macfarlane?
42 years (January 19, 1980)
Luke Macfarlane / Age
7 days ago ˇ His latest relationship was with Luke Macfarlane. As recently as 2007, it was considered just a rumor that this gay couple was everyone's darling. The reason ...
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