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Robins - Dick Grayson: the acrobat / Jason Todd: the marksman / Tim Drake: the detective / Damian Wayne: the true son.
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What is Batman and Robin's name?
How many Robins did Batman have and name all 5?
Share All sharing options for: Batman's had five Robins — here's why. For one of the most famous superheroes in the world, Robin has featured in big screen Batman movies a surprisingly small number of times.
Is Robin Batman's real son?
After the events of Batman: Endgame that resulted in Bruce Wayne's disappearance, Damian, as Robin, sets out on a globe-spanning journey to forge his own destiny and make amends for all of his wrongdoings in his own series, titled Robin: Son of Batman.
Why is Batman called Robin?
Harris said that Wayne's red tunic was as brilliant as a robin redbreast's, so he decided to call him Robin. Later on, when Dick Grayson became Batman's partner, Batman gave him a similar costume and the same name.
23 hours ago · Robin, sidekick of the DC Comics superhero Batman, first appeared in ... Todd discovers that his mother's name on his birth certificate is blotted out, ... Publication date: September – November 1988 Main character(s): Batman; Robin; Joker; Superman Writer(s): Jim Starlin Title(s): Batman #426–429
20 hours ago · Damian Wayne // Batman's son // Fourth Robin Robin Dc, Wayne, Marvel ... Robin name into a youth movement, and Batman And Robin Eternal is telling a weekly ...
5 days ago · As Damian Wayne is about to start a deadly tournament on Lazarus Island, a group of Robins have gotten together to bring him back to Gotham.
5 hours ago · Batman has brought in several young heroes to mentor as Robin, ... she became Huntress with her close friend Supergirl, who changed her name to Power Girl.
5 days ago · "Jason." Tim says the name like it's a secret, like it's a curse word he's too young to know. Dick sighs, leans back in his seat, and nods solemnly, "Yeah." He ...
With Dick it was different, he knew who killed his parents from the start and was always more impulsive than Bruce. ... How did Batman and Robin meet?
22 hours ago · Fandoms: Batman - All Media Types, Batman and Robin (Comics), Batman: ... Taking the name that Robin gave her she makes her way to Gotham on a mission.
4 days ago · What is the genus name for a Robin? What can I name a female bird? Who all has been Robin? Which Robin did Jared Leto Joker kill? What tattoos does the ...
3 days ago · I have a theory, so robin in lego batman the videogame and robin in lego batman 2 are different people, robin in the first game is clearly jason todd, he can't ...