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25 minutes ago · Cargo Dragon capsule departs space station. January 23, 2022 ... Science mission begins for NASA's new eye on the X-ray universe. January 21, 2022.
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What is the latest news about space?
SpaceX Dragon cargo ship undocks from space station for trip back to Earth. NASA upgrades its asteroid hazard software to use sunlight. Earth inhales and exhales carbon in mesmerizing animation. 2022 could be a turning point in the study of UFOs.
What is happening to the universe today?
The Universe is expanding, which means that the distances between the largest cosmic structures are increasing with time. A second ago, the Universe was slightly smaller; a second from now, the Universe will be slightly larger.
Jul 26, 2019
What is the ISS doing right now?
The space station is fully functional right now. Eleven astronauts from four different countries are currently aboard the ISS, where they've recently added a new module, organized a spacewalk, and fixed faulty components.
Dec 25, 2021
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6 hours ago · With a 95.5% success rate, the Ariane 5 has been a reliable ride to space for decades, but its story is about to come to an end. ESA is no longer building new ...
38 minutes ago · An international research team will survey the stars, star clusters, and dust that lie within 19 nearby galaxies. To understand galaxies, you have to understand ...
12 hours ago · The SpaceX Dragon CRS-24 cargo ship will undock from the International Space Station's space-facing docking port on the Harmony module on Jan. 22, 2021.
18 hours ago · Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, ... At the end of an intense 2021 with 3 successful Ariane and 3 successful Vega ...
8 hours ago · In space, far from the strong tug of Earth's gravity, ... scientists today announced that several of the samples are rich in a type of carbon that on Earth ...
2 minutes ago · Dragon will now fire its thrusters to move a safe distance from the space station ... and Dubrov completed their major objectives for today to ready the new ...
9 hours ago · And other countries are expected to join the march to the moon as well. 03 Jan, 2022, 06.48 AM IST. 2021 ...
15 hours ago · Oct. 13, 2021 — A new article proposes that space probes could hitch a ride with 'centaurs' as they become comets. ... Current models for galaxy evolution .
9 hours ago · Read current science articles on the space station, MIR, Skylab, space ... 23, 2021 — Engineers are developing new ways to convert greenhouse gases to fuel ...