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11 hours ago · to meet deadlines: to finish work on time, by the agreed date. idiom. I have a deadline to meet, this work must be finished by tomorrow. Related.
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What does it mean to meet the deadline?
How do you meet the deadline?

Here are seven time management tips that will significantly boost your productivity and help you meet your deadlines.

Set Goals. Make a list of your goals for the week. ...
Put Together a Checklist. ...
Set Aside Uninterrupted Time. ...
Prioritize. ...
Make Small Changes. ...
Only Check Your Email at Certain Times. ...
Know Your Productive Period.
What is another word for meeting deadlines?
cut-off point
cutoff point
due date
finish date
finishing date
finishing time
target time
time constraint
Why is it important to meet the deadline?
If a supervisor sets a deadline, it is usually for a good reason and it is important that you do your best to meet it. Both institutions and individuals need structure to maintain organization, meet obligations, accomplish goals and deliver services. Deadlines help to provide that structure.
21 hours ago · Define Timely Deadline. means, with respect to any Annual Meeting, the last date upon which a notice to the Secretary of the Company of nominations of ...
7 hours ago · Definition: To mark something as completed. Example: This task has been fixed, so let's close it out within the task tracker. See More Words ...
9 hours ago · Princeton's WordNet. deadlinenoun. the point in time at which something must be completed.
11 hours ago · Find all the synonyms and alternative words for deadlines at, ... equivalent, same meaning and similar words for the term deadlines.
5 hours ago · You say the sooner the better when you think something should be done as soon as possible. The kidnapper is a man we must catch and the sooner the better.
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4 hours ago · The extra work force was needed to meet the deadline. Kiam, Victor Going For It!: How to Succeed As an Entrepreneur ...
4 hours ago · Deadline معنی. Countable Noun. ضربالاجل، موعد مقرر، موعد، مهلت، سررسید، آخرین فرصت، فرجه. - to meet a deadline; - کاری را سر موعد انجام دادن.
4 hours ago · This is a full-time position, however at times the position will require more than 40 hours per week to meet client deadlines. Editors are also expected to ...
10 hours ago · self-managing, meaning they internally decide who does what, when, and how.” — Scrum Guide 2020 ... Or the deadline set by a customer to meet their demands.