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Who does Vander become in Arcane?
But in saying goodbye to one beloved character, we might have said hello to another, more recognizable one for League of Legends fans. There's speculation that Vander didn't die, but instead became Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun.
Dec 29, 2021
Is Vander Mundo Arcane?
Is Vander Vis dad Arcane?
Vander, Arcane's resident father-figure to Vi and Jinx, is one of the most popular characters in the show.
Nov 7, 2021
Where does Vander work in Arcane?
A few years later, Vander is the owner of a popular bar called the Last Drop. It is situated in the Lanes, which is a diverse market in the slums of Zaun and is one of the more frequented establishments in the area.
Nov 15, 2021
22 hours ago · Vander is a prominent character in the first act of Netflix's Arcane, serving as the adoptive father to Vi and Powder. Who is Vander Arcane? Vander from Arcane ...
15 hours ago · TikTok पर arcane vander deutsch से संबंधित लघु वीडियो खोजें। फ़ॉलो करने वाले निर्माताओं से ...
5 hours ago · Arcane men when they see you dance suggestively. feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Marcus. warnings: suggestive content, strong nsfw ...
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13 hours ago · arcane #arcaneedit #arcaneedits #arcaneamv #viedit #caitlynedit #leagueoflegends ...
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20 hours ago · png Piltover, leading Vander Vander, the unspoken leader of the undercity, to adopt both her and Vi Vi as his own daughters. After a series of events forced ...
14 hours ago · Y/N was previously a fighter from an arena run and owned by Vander. However an accident leads him into an early retirement, in which he now has to find a ...
23 hours ago · ... Ekko (League of Legends) · Vi (League of Legends) · Vander (League of Legends) · Grayson (Arcane: League of Legends) · Seraphine (League of Legends) ...
14 hours ago · claggormyloarcanevanderjinxpowdersilcocaitlynleagueoflegendsekkojaycevioletvìviktorpiltoverzaunlolarcaneleagueoflegendsmelsevika.
23 hours ago · Women's Handmade Hailee Steinfeld Arcane League of Legends Violet Red Jacket ... Trix is currently thesis-ing on Twitter: "Vander's Prodigy #Arcane # ...