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Mar 10, 2021 · Waverly and Nicole quickly became fan favorites — earning the couple nickname "WayHaught." Thanks to Waverly and Nicole's relationship, GLAAD ...
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Is WayHaught in the comics?
Haught. This heart-warming romance has been showcased in the comic books and on screen. The relationship between Waverly and Nicole, often referred to by its fandom as “WayHaught,” has proven almost as popular as the project's main character, Wynonna.
Jul 7, 2020
Is Wynonna Earp a comic book?
Wynonna Earp is a horror Western comic book miniseries created and owned by Beau Smith. The series was initially published by Image Comics, and from 2003 by IDW Publishing.
What deal did Nicole Haught make?
Nicole begged her so she showed Doc the way. Nicole was so feeble in her begs so she made a deal for Nicole to bring Doc to the Clanton's as punishment for what happened at the O.K. Corral. Margo wants to ruin everything about Doc - his name, his reputation, make him destroy everything she loves.
Why is Waverly not an Earp?
Raised by Ward Earp, Waverly never felt the love of her father, only understanding later in her life when she learns that she is in fact not an Earp, being a product of her mother Michelle's affair with the angel Julian.
Jul 7, 2020 · The relationship between Waverly and Nicole, often referred to by its fandom as “WayHaught,” has proven almost as popular as the project's main ...
Season One of the critically acclaimed and popular TV Show Wynonna Earp is a wrap. This yearbook is filled with on-set photos, including action shots from the ...
Video for Wynonna Earp comic book WayHaught
Jul 22, 2017 · Wynonna Earp's Nicole and Waverly on #WayHaught | San Diego Comic-Con 2017 ... Watch ...
Duration: 4:14
Posted: Jul 22, 2017
Video for Wynonna Earp comic book WayHaught
Oct 8, 2016 · Melanie Scrofano, aka Wynonna Earp, talks #wayhaught, LGBT characters on the show and why ...
Duration: 2:37
Posted: Oct 8, 2016
WYNONNA EARP LEGENDS EARP SISTERS #4 Comic Book Covers, Comic Books, Kat Barrell ... WayHaught wallpaper lockscreen, wynonna earp wallpaper #WynonnaEarp.
Oct 4, 2016 · She's a fan favorite on the SyFy show, and now Beau Smith is bringing Officer Haught to the 'Wynonna Earp' comic book universe.
IDW Wynonna Earp Legends: The Earp Sisters Comic #4 Officer Haught WayHaught. Never read. The cover has some marks/creases on it that you mostly notice when ...
Jul 22, 2018 · The panel included Beau Smith, who created the Wynonna Earp comic book, TV series creator Emily Andras, and cast members Melanie Scrofano ...
Jun 17, 2020 · Based on the IDW Publishing comic book created by Beau Smith, "Wynonna Earp" follows the life of famous lawman Wyatt Earp's demon-fighting ...