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People also ask
Is Kenneth alive forever?
In the series finale, after years of implications and clues, it is finally confirmed once and for all that Kenneth is indeed immortal when he is revealed in the distant future to have not aged.
Why did Kenneth become a janitor?
Moving on from the Page Program, Kenneth would eventually take a new position in Standards and Practices only to give it up to help Tracy. In Season 6, Episode 14, Kenneth was trying to find a new position at NBC and ended up becoming a janitor, holding that job for virtually the rest of the series.
Why was Kenneth fired on 30 Rock?
Read all. Liz believes she's found her perfect man while between weddings with Wesley, Jack has to make a decision after Nancy meets Avery, Kenneth gets fired while trying to avoid a promotion, and Jenna's boyfriend becomes a Cher impersonator.
Jan 4, 2016 · NBC's '30 Rock' series finale confirmed that Kenneth Parcell was immortal. A list of every reference to Kenneth Parcell's immortality, ...
Feb 4, 2013 · The science community claims that Kenneth is not immortal and that he simply has slowed his aging through unknown scientific means.
Kenneth Ellen Parcell is a fictional character on the NBC comedy television series, 30 Rock, ... it is finally confirmed once and for all that Kenneth is indeed immortal ...
Oct 11, 2016 · At the end of 30 Rock's fifth season, Kenneth is seen spying on his friends Liz, Jack, Tracy, and Jenna with a telescope. “You see all the good ...
30 Rock is now over, and it used its closing moments to (spoilers) confirm something that many fans had been suspecting for a while now: Kenneth Parcell.
Kenneth is a perpetually cheerful immortal NBC page who hails from Stone Mountain, Georgia, where his father was a pig farmer. After his father (D. B. ...
Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick, voiced by Matt Stone, is one of South Park's main characters, along with Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, and Kyle Broflovski.
Kenneth Parcell Is Immortal And/Or Celestial ... Reddit user Pawsrent may have figured out why 30 Rock's Jenna Maroney and Hazel Wassername never got along.
Believing Kenneth might be a serial killer, he tells Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) and they decide to ... Subsequently, Why is Kenneth a janitor?