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Mar 3, 2021 · It hasn't been canceled but it wasn't announced to be going on hiatus, it's just never been mentioned. Netflix is usually pretty clear-cut when ...
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Is there gonna be a season 3 of between?
Remember Between on Netflix? The show aired its second season all the way back in June 2016. Now, five years later, we're revisiting with more information that could reveal why the series never continued past season two, and why the show will almost certainly never return for a third season.
Mar 3, 2021
Was between Cancelled?
The series was renewed for a second season on July 8, 2015, which premiered on June 30, 2016. Though the series was never officially cancelled, no news has been released about the series since the last episode of the second season aired on August 4, 2016.
What date is season 3 of you coming out?
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October 15, 2021
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How many seasons is between?
Between / Number of seasons
Between TV Show season 3 was always unavoidable. It will return at June 25th, 2021 just similar time as previous. Here's what we know so far about upcoming ...
The science-fiction teen drama, launched in 2015, is making a comeback with its third season. Here are all updates about Between Season 3.
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