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Mar 18, 2015 · Vasili Ninkolaevich may never forgive her for what she's done, but he won't be interfering with her mission — not if he knows what's good for ...
Mar 19, 2015 · The episode picks up immediately after the end of “Walter Taffet,” with Elizabeth, Phillip, and Reuben taking Eugene Venter and his student ...
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Mar 19, 2015 · The Americans Recap: Burning Man ... Season 3 Episode 8 ... The final question comes up rather quickly for the two South Africans who got ...
Mar 18, 2015 · Martha has gone along with everything Clark has asked of her because she's desperate for his love, and this is no different. Ultimately, that's ...
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How old is Paige in Season 3 of the Americans?
At home the Jennings are engaged in an increasingly fraught cold war over 14-year-old Paige (Holly Taylor), as their Soviet overlords push to turn her into a “second-generation illegal,” i.e., a totally untraceable spy.
How many episodes are in season 3 of the Americans?
The Americans - Season 3 / Number of episodes
Who is Todd on Americans?
Todd is a sophomore at George Washington University, where he attracts the attention of Hans. When he is later photographed talking with an NIS officer, the KGB arrange a meeting between him and Reuben Ncgobo, in an attempt to flush out Eugene Venter.
What year is the Americans Season 3?
Mar 19, 2015 · A morass of lies, betrayals and undetonated bombs, “Divestment” isn't about civil disobedience but vengeance plain and simple. ... “Divestment” is ...
Divestment is the eighth episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the thirty-fourth episode overall.
Mar 18, 2015 · The Americans Review: “Divestment” (Season 3, Episode 8) ... Among my favourite things about The Americans is its sense of history. Not just the ...
The third season of the American television drama series The Americans, consisting of 13 episodes, premiered on FX on January 28, 2015, and concluded on ...
Mar 18, 2015 · After being kidnapped and held in the warehouse of horrors, Todd tells Elizabeth he just wants his coat and to go home. Philip, still in his ...
Martha and Clark's marriage meets its most challenging test yet; pressure on Philip intensifies; Elizabeth turns to Gabriel with a difficult request; Nina ...