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That '70s Show / Cast
Mila Kunis
People also ask
Why did Eric leave the 70's show?
That '70s Show: Why Topher Grace's Eric Forman Left the Series. Topher Grace's Eric Foreman was written out of The '70s Show after its seventh season. ... As Eric gets older, he realizes he wants more out of life than just sitting around with his friends. After a little soul-searching, he discovers teaching is his passion.
What happened to Donna from That 70s Show?
Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti Today, Laura Prepon is best known as Alex on Orange is the New Black, though she was mysteriously missing from the season six trailer. She also recently married actor Ben Foster, with whom she has a daughter, Ella, who was born in August 2017.
Did Jackie and Hyde date in real life?
If you were a fan of Jackie and Kelso's relationship on the show, you probably lost your mind when they started dating in real life. Kunis and Kutcher kept in touch after the show wrapped in 2006. But the romantic feelings didn't start until they met at an awards show later on.
Was Jackie pregnant in that 70s show?
Jackie thinks she may be pregnant and confides in Eric, who later tells Donna. ... Bob discovers Donna is on birth control pills and Eric gets in trouble when his parents find out. Jackie discovers that she's not pregnant and breaks up with Kelso.
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