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Stephen Colbert / Wife
Evelyn McGee-Colbert
People also ask
How old is Stephen Colbert's wife Evie?
Evelyn McGee-Colbert
Full Name:
Evelyn Brabham McGee
Stage Name:
Evelyn McGee-Colbert
23 July 1963 (age 59 years old)
Place of Birth:
Charleston, South Carolina, United States
How old is Evelyn Colbert?
59 years (July 23, 1963)
Evelyn McGee-Colbert / Age
How long has Steven Colbert been married?
The story ends happily: Colbert and his wife, Evelyn McGee-Colbert, have been married since 1993. The couple have three children, John, Peter and Madeleine. Everyone's meet-cute is, by definition, cute.
What does Evelyn McGee-Colbert do for a living?
Evelyn McGee-Colbert / Profession
Aug 10, 2021 · Stephen Colbert has been married for more than two decades to Evelyn McGee Colbert; fans of his show know her as “Evie.” She grew up in a ...
Stephen Colbert ; Evelyn McGee. . ( m. · 1993) · 3 · James William Colbert Jr. · Elizabeth Colbert Busch (sister).
Jan 14, 2022 · In the case of comedian Stephen Colbert and his wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert, both are true. Their relationship has survived almost three ...
Jan 7, 2021 · STEPHEN Colbert and his wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert have been married since 1993. The comedian has hosted The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ...
Mar 1, 2022 · The Late Show host Stephen Colbert's wife of 28 years - Evelyn 'Evie' McGee - praised him for still making fans laugh while 'we've all been ...
Aug 26, 2021 · Colbert's wife, Evelyn McGee, served as the solo audience as Colbert recorded The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from his home. “I used to think ...
Video for Stephen Colbert wife
Dec 11, 2020 · On Thursday, Stephen Colbert called in his wife, Evie Colbert, to help out with his 'First Drafts ...
Duration: 3:36
Posted: Dec 11, 2020
Video for Stephen Colbert wife
Feb 4, 2022 · Stephen welcomes his sweetheart Evie McGee Colbert for this special Valentine's Day ...
Duration: 7:52
Posted: Feb 4, 2022
Sep 20, 2021 · After winning his tenth award at Sunday's Emmy Awards, Stephen Colbert gave a sweet shout-out to his wife, Evie McGee-Colbert.
Jan 20, 2021 -