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Gender: Male. Description: Leonard Florek Jr is the brother of Ezekial Dann Florek. Birth: Michigan. Nationality: United States of America...
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Is Dave Florek related to Dann Florek?
Dave Florek, born on May 19, 1953 (1953-05-19) (age 68) in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, is an actor. He guest stars as Harold Shawn in the fourth season episode, "Where's Waldo?". Florek is the brother of actor Dann Florek. He is known for playing Mr.
Is Dann Florek married?
Karen Florek
Dann Florek / Spouse
What age is Dann Florek?
71years (May 1, 1950)
Dann Florek / Age
What nationality is Dann Florek?
Flat Rock, Michigan, U.S. Ezekial Dann Florek (born May 1, 1950) is an American actor and director.
Ezekial Dann Florek was born on the 1st May 1950 in Flat Rock, Michigan USA, and is an actor and director, most recognized for his appearance as Donald...
Dann Florek who is known for his role of Mr Slate in the Flintstones. ... His siblings included Leonard Florek Jr, Mary, and Dave Florek.
Biography About Movie Career Personal Life
Dec 1, 1988 Their older brother, Leonard Florek Jr., is a chiropractor like his dad. Their parents, Leonard and Darlene Florek, still live in Flat Rock.
Dann Florek Biography. Birth Place: ... Leonard Florek Jr. -- Brother. Leonard Florek Sr. -- Father. Darlene Florek -- Mother. Mary Kay -- Sister.
Results 1 - 20 of 439 Martin Leon Florek Jr. Spouse. Nancy Ruth Bailey. Marriage. 19 Feb 1967. Grant, Indiana, USA.
Father: Leonard Florek. Mother: Darlene Florek. Brother(s): Dann Florek, Leonard Florek Jr. Sister(s): Mary Kay. Marital Status: Married.
Nov 4, 2019 Dan grew up with his brothers Leonard Florek Jr., Mary Kay, and Dave Fluke. One of his brothers, Dave Fluke is an actor. Dann Florek Education.
Ezekial Dann Florek (born May 1, 1950) is an American actor and director. ... Ezekial Dann Florek was born in Flat Rock, Michigan, the son of Leonard Florek,...
Dann Florek is also known as Dann is a notable American Actor. ... siblings named Leonard Florek Jr, Mary Kay and Dave Florek.