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Translation of "la une" in English ... Reverso Context is designed to provide you with translation for usual words and expressions. However for special words like ...
Retrouvez le programme de La Une. Consultez le programme TV, visionnez les émissions en vidéo, découvrez vos animateurs et participez à des concours.
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What is the meaning of d une?
countable noun. A dune is a hill of sand near the sea or in a desert. Synonyms: hillock, down [archaic], mound, mount More Synonyms of dune. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
What is où se trouve?
'Où se trouve', French for 'Where to Find' is shot in Eastern Canada and covers topics such as creating... Read all. 'Où se trouve', French for 'Where to Find' is shot in Eastern Canada and covers topics such as creating candy, what goes into making a butcher block, the creation of unique calligraphy tools an...
What does Elle est ma meilleure amie meaning?
La Une is the equivalent of Flemish station Eén, of the Flemish broadcaster VRT. La Une. RTBF La Une logo.svg. Country, Belgium. Ownership.
English Translation of “la une” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over 100000 English translations of French words and phrases.
Aug 7, 2019 · The French expression à la une means "on the front page." It's a common way to talk about the day's top news headlines or the stories that ...
Meaning, on the front page, headline news, featured news ; Literally, on the one ; Register, informal ; Pronunciation, [ah lah oon] ; IPA, [a la yn] ...
“Le” and “La” is like “un” and “une”but it is used when you talk about something specific and in the singular. Ex: “Je veux la robe rouge” =.
With La Une, Télé-Québec presents a new observation series that takes us into the world of journalism. In it, we will observe as journalists put body and ...
For Bistroquet à la une, it's a slate with different starters, dishes and desserts! In the evening, the 2 restaurants become Bar Tapas! Open Tuesday to Saturday ...
La patrie est et restera toujours la priorité de chacun. Le service militaire n'est pas une contrainte, c'est un élément indispensable car c'est une période ...